Trivia App Player Buying First Car With Skilli World Winnings

Plus, more ways to earn cash on Skilli World with cash referral program

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​The Skilli World app, owned by Ontario-based company Under The Tree Ltd., is emerging as a new player in the online trivia market with the stated ambition of redefining ‘Real Money Trivia’. After a successful September launch and awarding players more than $90,000 in prizing, Skilli World players are reaping the benefits with all that extra cash they are earning.

Skilli World has become a ‘side-hustle’ for players with many having already taken home over $2000 USD. To date, the app has awarded over $90,000 USD in prizing to its players and expects this number to climb significantly with the continued growth of the community.

Skilli World asked one user Nicole G. (a.k.a. “Speechless”) what she thought of the app and how she plans on spending the extra $2400 she has earned so far by playing Skilli World; she said: “I have been playing Skilli World since August and wish I got into it way sooner! It is such a fun, quick game that can easily make you $70+ a night. They have fun themes such as movies, music, what’s trending in the news, history, and 5th grade science. With only true/false questions, your chance of winning is much higher than other games with impossible questions and 3 option choices. Other games give out anywhere from 3 cents to $1 per game, whereas on Skilli World I can win up to $90 a night. With Skilli World you don’t even have to get all the questions right, you just have to be in the top 10 people to win money! With my prize money I’ve earned up until now, I am saving for my first car!”

Skilli World is thrilled that players are reaping the rewards of being a part of this growing community and have recently announced more ways for their users to earn cash. As of October 23, Skilli World has a referral program that will pay existing users cash for every new ‘qualified’ user they refer to the app. Called the Skilli Partnership Program (“SPP”), it works by simply generating your own referral code from inside the app and then blasting it to your friends and family. For every new qualified user that uses that code on registration, Skilli World will pay the referrer $5 cash plus 2 SkillUPs to be used in-game. Co-founder Matthew De Angelis notes “…this is a trivia-app first and our players will really appreciate this. With our community growing we wanted to offer even more ways to earn cash, which is why we decided to give them the in-game benefits and some more cash!”

The Company believes that trivia, normally associated with recreational fun and bar top quizzes, may be seeing a drastic evolution. Trivia has become a competitive activity where players can earn a significant amount of money, have fun and exercise their brain. De Angelis added, “It’s truly the internet that has made this possible. Simply put, there is no bar or physical venue where you can fit hundreds of thousands of trivia players at once; on our app, they can all meet and compete for life-changing prizes from wherever they may be.”

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Under The Tree Ltd. is a technology company that created Skilli World to bring Real Money Trivia to the real world. More information is available on or you can reach them at Check out their socials on Instagram @SkilliWorld and Twitter @SkilliWorld.


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